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Website Hosting and Email Hosting

Unique Websites provides proper business grade hosting services for your website and email.

Every website we build comes with full business grade, daily backed up, unlimited bandwidth secure hosting.

In fact, our hosting is so full-featured that we don’t even call it hosting, we call it ‘Service Maintenance’ because it covers so much more than just hosting.

Check out the inclusions that come with our standard Hosting Service Maintenance.

  • Unlimited Hosting Space for your website
  • Unlimited Email storage space for each mailbox
  • Daily Backups of both your website and your email
  • Fully managed with no input required from you – ever
  • Business grade locked-down security
  • Industry leading contention ratios
  • The very latest Intel Quad Core Server hardware
  • Email Webmail access from anywhere in the world

Some people ask us ‘but why do I need hosting...I’ve got my website, isn’t that all that I need?’

Here is a little illustration that helps to understand how it works, why it’s required, and why your choice of provider is vitally important.

Every website needs to be hosted somewhere to be viewable on the internet. Hosting can be compared to a giant billboard, while your website is like the printed skin that gets stretched over the billboard. The skin is great and works really well when people see it, but it’s invisible until it’s mounted on a billboard.

Of course it’s also extremely important to pick the right billboard to have your skin put on to get maximum effect. Choosing a second-rate hosting provider is a bit like choosing a billboard in a small side-street to mount your shiny new advertising sign. It’s still there, but it’s not going to perform particularly well and it might even have a few trees in front of it obscuring a key message.

Choosing a proper business-grade hosting provider is like having your billboard on every major freeway in the country. Almost unlimited people can view it, it’s fast, and it’s effective.

In the real world, top grade hosting is worth its weight in gold. It ensures your website is viewable to everyone who wants to view it, whenever they want to view it, wherever they want to view it. It also ensures that all of your websites features actually work and that it can’t be slowed down or hacked into by the malicious nasties of the internet.

Why not have a chat with us today to find out more about our hosting features and pricing.

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